How can I use my Triaster Benefit Credits?

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Last Edited: June 23rd, 2010 

Treatment of Additional 'Non-Standard' Items

Triaster’s core implementation services cover the elements essential for the successful implementation of your process library and the starting point for the creation of content using Process Navigator.

Triaster also offer a number of additional implementation services as follows:

Triaster hosted test environment

If required, prior to the installation of your process library on your servers, Triaster will set-up a shadow library, hosted by Triaster. This will enable you to try out the library and feedback on its design having had an opportunity to use it, before it is migrated to your own server.

From your desk, you will be able to log onto your live process library, see the implemented design, test the search tools and try out sample reports. You will be able to request certain modifications to the site before it finally goes into full production ready for migration onto your own server.
The shadow site can be maintained on an on-going basis for continued update testing if required.

Migration and installation service

As standard, Triaster performs the install of your process library onto your organisations servers remotely. However, if this is not possible or desirable, for whatever reason, then the work will need to be performed on-site, for which there is an additional charge.

Hosting service

As standard, your on-line process library is installed your organisation’s servers. However, if you prefer, it can be hosted on Triaster’s server and we can give you the capability to publish your own processes onto the server for just a month or two or on a permanent basis if this is your preference. This avoids the complication and cost of needing to identify a server within your own organisation, and is ideal if you really need to get up and running quickly.

Consultancy Services

Triaster consultants are available to deliver the following as required:
  • Fast and effective content population of your process library. 
  • Analysis of your ‘as is’ processes and process improvement recommendations. 
  • Training regarding creating process library content using Microsoft ExcelTM, Microsoft VisioTM, or XML imported data. 

Process Mapping and improvement consultancy

This services provides a Triaster consultant to spend time with your key personnel, mapping out your ‘as is’ priority processes and publishing them to your process library. Our expert product knowledge means that nobody can create process maps faster and our years of analysis experience allow us to gather the required information effectively and efficiently. This is a fast and effective way to populate your process library.

If your key objective for the project is any type of process improvement, a key deliverable from this project will be a report of findings and improvement recommendations.

Technical consultancy

If you wish to exploit the more technical aspects of the Triaster software requiring in depth technical knowledge of both Microsoft VisioTM and the Triaster solution, Triaster offers week long blocks of on-site consultancy to address these areas.

The most frequently requested services are as follows:
  • Document conversion – conversion of process or procedure documentation, created before the purchase of the Triaster solution. 
  • Creating process maps using Microsoft ExcelTM, Microsoft VisioTM, or XML imported data. 
  • Process Navigator training: creating process maps 
Following your initial implementation, you may want to train process mappers who weren’t able to attend the initial process discovery workshop. They can either attend Triaster’s public training or if you would prefer us to come on site to deliver Process Navigator training, we are happy to do so.

Upgrade to the Triaster process library solution

If you have previously purchased part of the Triaster process library solution either in the form of a basic process library or mappingaccelerator, you won’t require the full on-site implementation services set out above, but will only require to purchase upgrade services. The scope of these will depend upon your original implementation and your current requirements. Triaster’s Customer Management Team will be able to advise you on your optimal upgrade route.

Customer services

Once your initial implementation has taken place and you are starting to see benefit from your on-line process library, you will want to consider the benefits to be achieved from implementing the process library solution to a broader base. You will want to investigate multiple process libraries and perhaps the adoption of process discovery and map creation using Microsoft ExcelTM, Microsoft VisioTM and XML imported data.

You may wish to consider shape replace if your organisation’s branding changes, or want some consultancy in respect of publication and solution architecture. For full details on these options please ask one of Triaster’s Customer Services Team ( for a Triaster Customer Information Pack.

Further Design Work

Should you require further updates to your design, or to produce new home pages or want to integrate your Process Library with other design-sensitive resources such as procedure pages, our design team are on-hand to help.

Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on 0870 402 1234.
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