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Last Edited: July 7th, 2010

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What is covered in Support and Maintenance and in the Software Subscription?

The answer to this question is intended to be guidance only – the actual specific terms and conditions and service levels are defined in the Triaster Software Licence and Service Terms available Here and the information contained in the Triaster Software Licence and Service Terms will always override the information contained in this answer if the two differ.
Fundamentally, the definitions attaching are as follows:
Support – this is an entitlement to reasonable assistance from a suitably qualified member of the Triaster support team during UK office hours to deal solely with questions relating to the software product(s) covered by the support contract. We support the current major software version and previous versions released within the last 5 years.
For customers not in the UK, we are happy to provide a support service outside of UK office hours by prior arrangement. At the time of writing for example, Triaster has active support contracts with customers in Australia, America and Continental Europe.
Maintenance – this is an entitlement to all new releases of any software product(s) covered by the maintenance contract. There is no guarantee of any minimum number of product releases as this is governed fundamentally by quality assurance and market demands, however, at the time of writing there have been five major releases of Process Navigator in 9 years, and associated with each release there have been a handful of minor service pack style releases. The Triaster Server has benefited from significant enhancements on an on-going basis with releases occurring two or three times a year. Customers are notified of software releases via Triaster’s regular Enews bulletins.
Software Subscription – this is a licence fee giving an entitlement to use the software product(s) covered by the subscription. The major benefit of a Software Subscription is that it spreads the cost of the software over its useful life, rather than all costs being met in a lump sum up front. Software Subscription includes maintenance but does not include support.
For all of the above, if the contract is not renewed prior to its expiry date, all relevant entitlements lapse. 

What level of support service can I expect? 

Post-implementation support is a critical aspect of a successful product deployment. Recognizing this, Triaster Support has designed support services to help you maximize your investment in Triaster products. Triaster’s support services help to empower users to achieve optimum benefit from their implementation of the Triaster Solution and also provide technical subject matter experts who can guide you to a solution. Triaster Support maintains and updates a knowledge base of articles accessible from the Triaster website; specifically designed to respond to queries raised by our customers.
Triaster Support is committed to providing excellent technical support for customers and ensuring customers’ success with the Triaster product suite. 
  • We strive to provide timely, accurate, and thorough resolutions to our customers and help to educate them along the way.
  • We direct our customers to appropriate sources of information and assistance.
  • We maintain a high level of technical knowledge and competency in our staff.
  • The mission of the Triaster Support Service is to provide a centralised point of contact on all concerns relating to Triaster software issues. We will endeavour to: 
    • Resolve problems, not just provide quick fixes
    • Be proactive, not reactive, prevent problems from happening
    • Be courteous and professional
    • Serve as the single point of contact for all support queries
    • Help our customers make the best use of the Triaster product suite.
    • Implement ways to improve our skills, service, and equipment.
    • Establish effective workflow management
    • Increase positive response to the Service Desk; establish query closure methods to ensure customer satisfaction as well as analyzing completed tasks/queries.
    • Communicate with our customers through newsletters, email and personal contact.
    • Survey our customers regularly; find out their views on our service.
    • Increase self-sufficiency of our customers.
    • Respond to changes quickly.
    • Analyse support issues and include common features into base product
    • Monitor our Features and Requests to ensure customers suggestions are included in base product
    • Respond to all issues professionally.
    • Provide central point of contact for questions and/or problems.
    • Be responsible for problem recording, tracking, ownership, and resolution.
    • Forward problems that cannot be resolved immediately to the appropriate group or area, and monitored for resolution.

Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on 0870 402 1234.
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