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Last Edited: September 28th, 2011


This page was last checked for accuracy on August 22nd, 2011.
It is concerned with the new dynamic home page released on September 21st, a sample of which is available to view here (asterisked items have no processes beneath them).

What is different about this compared to the old type of design offered?

Triaster have developed a software system that reads the content of the home page from an XML file. Previously, to alter the text or target URL of a menu option required the editing of the source Flash file, HTML page or Visio document.

How easy is it to configure? Will Triaster do this for me?

It is very easy to configure for anyone with even limited XML experience.
Triaster are happy to support users who are having difficulty editing their menu configuration file as part of our standard support service.

What is the maximum number of categories and sub-categories that I can have?

We have designed a default of 20 * 20 * 20 meaning a total of 8000 clickable entities, and we will encourage customers to fit within this.
The 8000 clickable entities are in addition to the clickable entities that appear in the process diagrams themselves.
However, there is no theoretical limitation - the design is simply constrained by how many options it is good practice to put in front of an end-user, and the physical size of a typical monitor.

Can the animated design be customised (for example, changing colours and graphics)?

Yes - indeed we encourage every customer to have a completely customised bespoke design put together specifically to meet their requirements.

Can I replace the design with my own organisation's designs?

Yes - indeed we encourage every customer to have a completely customised bespoke design put together specifically to meet their requirements.

What is the Forms Repository/Document Store? How should I use it?

The Forms Repository is an example link to show how you could create a dynamic home page that contained linked to resources of most relevance to your organisation that were independent of the process hierarchy. Each design is different, so Forms Repository and Document Store may have no relevance to you; but you may require "Balanced Scorecards" and "Performance Reviews" to be available for example.

Can I control the positioning of the category bubbles on the screen or is it random?

Each of the 20 possible clickable entities on the menu is in a fixed place and this is decided at design time and cannot be altered subsequently without editing the Flash file.

I've just cloned a new library. How do I get it to appear?

The new home page will also be automatically cloned and will appear automatically. Note that you may need to redirect your nav bar "Home" link to point to static html\sitehome.html.

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