Web Pages Do Not Maintain Underscores in URL

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Ref: 20060613
Last Edited - January 12th 2010
When using Process Navigator to export to HTML, the output file omits the underscores in the filename. For example, the HTML output of a .vdx file called Test_Test.vdx will be:
test test.html
test test.map page-1.html
test test.map page-1_files
Process Navigator removes the underscore when publishing to HTML because having an underscore in the filename causes Visio problems.
Visio generates the HTML output. As part of this it, creates a filename_files folder. If the filename contains an underscore, Visio will crop the folder name at the underscore. For example, if the filename was File_Name, the generated folder would be File_files rather than File_Name_files as its expected to be. The generated page will not display.
Removing underscores in your filenames solves the problem.
Applies to:
  • Process Navigator all versions 

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