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Last Edited: 3rd November 2011

Library homepage

Upon opening the library the homepage is displayed as follows:

From the URL you can see the page that is being opened is Static html\Sitehome.html. Sitehome requires Adobe flash player to be installed. (At the time of writing the minimum requirement is Flash Player 9.0). Flash player can be downloaded from Adobe's website HERE

You will need administrator privileges to run the installer.

If the homepage is being updated while users are trying to view it, users will have to close Internet explorer completely and open the homepage again to see the changes.

Process Maps

When viewing process maps the pan and zoom window is not displayed. This tool helps navigation around the page. An incorrectly displayed page is shown below:

A correctly formatted page looks like this:

This can happen for 2 reasons:
  1. Internet Explorer is being used but does not have Active X control set to allowed to run. To resolve this click on the Internet explorer bar giving the warning and select allow.
  2. You are not running Internet Explorer. Only Internet Explorer (Version 6.0 and above) are supported. Please use Internet Explorer to view a Process Library

Search tools do not work

Typing a search term and clicking on Go in the quick search does not respond. All of the tools in the Process library are designed to work with Internet Explorer only. Other browsers are not currently supported and will restrict functionality.

Further information

For more information about Browser compatibility and Triaster, please click HERE


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