Using Multiple Approval Types


This feature is aimed at organisations that require multiple approvers to view and approve process maps; each process map registers the final approval date against the ‘OverallApprovalDate’ field. This means process maps are approved only when all relevant approval status' are set to ‘Approved’ i.e. all approvers have approved the process map/s. Alternatively, if ‘Approval Not Needed’ is selected this in itself is a form of self-approval and this then causes the Approval strapline to disappear. On completion of the approval process, the version field increases (if enable on setup).

To use Multiple Approvers and ‘Approval Not Needed’ function, the server and client machines (authorising machines) will need to upgrade to Triaster Server and Process Navigator to a minimum of version 13.3. In addition, you will need to edit the Properties.xml and Settings.xml, please find further information below:
Please note, at least one process map must go through an Approval cycle before this feature is activated.

The feature requires a minimum of at least two approver categories. The default is Content Approver, Triaster Server 13.3 includes an additional Compliance Approver which may be commented out or disabled in the Properties.xml file located in C:\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\ProcessLibraries folder.

Updating your Properties.xml file

Once the feature is activated please ensure the section of code below is included in the Properties.xml file.  To do this, either copy the section below into properties.xml file, alternatively if already present then remove comments “<-- “ and “</--“ from the groupname Approval section; see example below for a Compliance Approver, however the word 'Compliance' can be replaced with other types of Approver as required e.g. 'Finance' Approver: 

Go to Approval section:

<group groupName="Approval" groupCaption="Approval">

<row rowName="tr_complianceapprovalstatus" rowCaption="Compliance Approval Status" rowType="3" rowVisioDataType="0">





<rowValue>Approval Not Needed</rowValue>


<row rowName="complianceapprover" rowCaption="Compliance Approver" rowType="3" rowVisioDataType="0"/>

<row rowName="complianceapprovaldate" rowCaption="Compliance Approval Date" rowType="5" rowVisioDataType="5"/>

<row rowName="tr_complianceapprovalstatus_reason" rowCaption="Compliance reason for rework" rowType="0" rowVisioDataType="0"/>

The result should be visible in Node properties, see image below:

Each map can have multiple Approval types (with one person per Approval type). In the example above the Approval types are Content and Compliance.

Using the Alerts and Approvals properties

In order to use the Alerts and Approvals functionality the following properties need to be populated:
  • Approval Status - must be set to "New”, “Approval Not Needed” or "Modified"
  • Approval Type Approver - must be set to the person who will need to approve the process map
  • Approval Type Approval Date - DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FIELD - this will be populated by the system once the map has been approved
  • Reason for Rework - DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FIELD - this will be populated by the system once the map has been selected for rework by the Approver 
  • Date of Change - must be set by the change author for new maps and modified maps
  • Change Description - the change author should give a brief description of the changes made (this text is included in the e-mail alerts and change history report)
  • Change Author - This is typically the Author's name or the person who has made the change
  • Business Function - This needs to be set to identify to which area of the business this change is relevant. The Functional area will have an e-mail distribution group associated with it to which a 'What's changed alert' will be sent once the map has published to Live. If more than one Functional area is required, this can be added manually e.g. Finance (selected from the drop down box), Human Resources (manually typed)
  • Frequency (days) of approval overdue alerts - List the frequency of days you would like an Approval Overdue e-mail alert to be sent to the Approver(s)

Updating Settings.xml file

Settings.xml also needs to be updated to create the required section in the published library Approvals section for Library Administrators and Approvers. This file can be found in C:*\Triaster\TriasetrServer2011\Settings folder.
*We have used C Drive as an example, please note your server may be mapped differently. If you are unsure where Triaster is installed please contact
Before updating the Settings.xml file, ensure you have taken a backup copy of the file. Any errors in this file may prevent the Process Library from running.
In the Approvals section, each Approval type will be visible under Approver Type column. In the example below, we have two Approvers; Content and Compliance Approver.
To add a new Approval type, add the red section of code below to your existing Content Approver code (this example is for a Compliance Approver but can be replaced with other types of Approver as required e.g. 'Finance' Approver):
Alternatively, remove comments ‘<- -‘and ‘</--‘ to enable section of code.
<Caption>Content Approver</Caption>
<Caption>Compliance Approver</Caption>


Add and configure Unapproved Maps (Compliance Approver)

An additional Publication Check Report needs to be added to existing reports. Users need to take a copy of the following reports:
1.) UnapprovedMapsContentApprover.xml
2.) UnapprovedMapsContentApprover.xslt
The reports are located in C:*\Triaster\Triaster2011\Reports folder. Rename each file to the name of the Approver category in this example it will be UnapprovedMapsComplianceApprover.xml and UnapprovedMapsComplianceApprover.xslt.
*We have used C Drive as an example, please note your server may be mapped differently. If you are unsure where Triaster is installed please contact
Open each folder to edit in Notepad++, click Crtl+H to Find and Replace the word ‘Content’ with the Approver type name, in this example ‘Compliance’. Save and close.
Publication Checklist should have an additional new report named the same as the new Approver category, in this example it is named ‘Unapproved Maps Compliance Approver’.
Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on 0870 402 1234.
Do you have any feedback or suggestions that you would like to share with Triaster? We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail
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