5. Add or remove Business Functions

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Ref: 201205021720PEV
Last Edited: May 2nd 2012
Applies to: Triaster Server 11.2 onwards

A business function is simply a way of categorising a group of maps together. Some may be grouped along departmental lines such as IT, HR, Finance etc. or under other groupings such as Health and Safety or Company wide. A business function is added to a process map. The corresponding function needs to have an email address associated with it to enable the alert to be sent. We always advise distribution lists be set up as it is much easier to manage users in this way.

Firstly log in to the approvals tool and under administration, select edit Business Functions. Only the email address can be edited, if the name is incorrect, the function must be removed and added again.

If you already have a Business Function in a process map but there is no email address associated with them you can add them under the 'Add New Business Function' option. Press the  Add Business Function button when complete. If it is brand new, they must also be added to the properties of the map.

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