Navigation bar not showing in Process Library

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Ref: CC20080903
Last Edited September 28th, 2011


The navigation bar does not show in the Process Library site.

Possible Cause

The nav.html location is not being referenced correctly with the frameset.html file.


Find the location of the nav.html. This file is normally stored within the static html folder located on the web-server (e.g. C:\Triaster\Showcase\Live\static html\nav.html). Please note that there will be a nav.html for each stage (Live, Prelive and Sandpit), so please ensure you reference the correct file for the each site.
Once you have found the location the nav.html, log onto you publication server and find the frameset.html file (e.g. C:\Triaster\Showcase\Config Files\Live\frameset.html). Open the frameset.html within notepad (right-click the file and select Edit with Notepad).
Ensure that the location within the highlighted area lists the correct path to the nav.html file.
Save the frameset.html file and republish the site. Your navigation bar should appear at the top of your Process Library.

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