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Ref# MC20081109a
Last Edited September 28th, 2011



You have clicked the Publish button in the Process Library, and the updates you expect to see do not appear in your Library.
Before undertaking the troubleshooting steps, it is worth double-checking that the Publication Server is not behaving as you expect. The bulk of calls Triaster receives on this topic are not Publication Server faults as such, but confusion over what exactly should be published when the Publish button is clicked. Take the following steps before embarking on the Fault Diagnostic (If you do not know how to do any of the following steps, please contact and we will assist.)
  1. Allow time for the Publication Server to complete its existing tasks. If you have several libraries, it may be that other publishes are ahead of yours in the queue. The time taken to publish varies from Library to Library, but ideally leave it overnight before concluding the publish you expected to happen did not take place.
  2. Are you certain the file you have edited has been saved in the right place for it to be published? This is the most frequent cause of confusion regarding the publish. Often a file has been saved to the wrong folder so the Publication Server does not publish it. If you need help understanding which folder you should save to, please contact and we will assist.
  3. Have you rebooted the Publication Server? Faults can sometimes be cleared up by doing this.
If you are certain that there is a fault, please proceed with the Fault Diagnosis Steps below.

Fault Diagnosis Steps

Rule out a specific map or set of maps causing the publish to fail 

  1. Load Process Navigator
  2. Select all the maps
  3. Select Multi-Map > Export > Process Navigator XML Catalogue and specify
    a local file
  4. Select Multi-Map > Export > HTML Wizard and specify a new local temporary directory for the Target Root
What happens? If any errors occur, or either of the exports fail on a specific map, remove the map to a new location and try the publish again. If you can identify a map that is causing the problem, send it to and we will assist.
If both exports work to completion, please continue with the other troubleshooting steps below.

Rule out a Browser Toolkit failure to create a publish task on the Publication Server

If you do not know how to do any of the following steps, or are not sure what the Publication User Account is, please contact and we will assist.
  1. Log onto the Publication Server as the Publication User Account.
  2. Stop the PN Publication Wrapper service
  3. Delete all files in the \Publication Wrapper\Queue folder
  4. From the Process Library website - click the Publish button
  5. Has a zero byte file appeared in the \Publication Wrapper\Queue folder with extension .pntask?
If not, then the fault lies with the Web Server (specifically the configuration of the Publication Tool in the Browser Toolkit on the Web Server) as it not writing a file into the Queue when it should do. Contact as we will need to assist with the next steps.
If Yes, then the fault lies with the Publication Server so please continue with the following steps:

Rule out a modal dialog preventing further progress

An application may display a modal dialog, one which requires a response from the user. When running non-interactively, a response cannot be given, and the application will halt.
To check for this:
  1. Log onto the Publication Server as the Publication User.
  2. Run Process Navigator.
    (e.g. Start > All Programs > Triaster Process Library > Triaster Process Navigator)

    Does Process Navigator run without displaying a dialog, e.g. the activation dialog?
  3. Create a new Visio process.
    (File > New Visio Process Map)

    Does Visio display a dialog, e.g. a macro security dialog?
If a modal dialog is displayed, then it needs to be addressed, perhaps activating software, or setting macro security to Low.

Rule out a Publication Server service failure

  1. Log onto the Publication Server as the Publication User Account.
  2. Stop the PN Publication Wrapper service
  3. Start the PN Publication Wrapper service
For more information on how to stop and start services please click here.
Have you received an error trying to start the service? If so, please refer to PN Publication Wrapper Service will not start.
If not, and the publish still does not complete, then the error lies with the configuration of the Publication Server. Contact as we will need to assist with the next steps.

Rule out a hanging Visio process

Please click here for more information.

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