Publication or cloning emails not being received

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Ref: 201008171129
Last Edited: September 28th, 2011

Checking the e-mail address

  1. The e-mail address stored in your "\PublicationServer\PublicationWrapper\config.xml" file is correct?  (this should be in the <EmailAddress> tag, eg. <EmailAddress></EmailAddress>)
  2. when e-mailing the above address the correct recipients receive the e-mail.

Troubleshooting the Publication Server

If the content in your library doesn't appear to be updating then you might want to have a look through this article.

Checking the event log

  1. Log on to the Publication Server as a local administrator
  2. Press Start>Run>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer
  3. Select the "Application" event log
  4. Find the last "Publication Wrapper" events
  5. Check to see if any of the events have warnings or errors associated with them
  6. Contact Triaster Support if they do

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