Triaster Server Re-Activation

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Ref: 201101111432 AW
Last Edited: July 29th, 2013


This article is to outline the process of re-activation of the Triaster Server software.  Please note that depending on the software version, you will need to activate different components.
Re-activating Server v11 onwards
Providing that the there is a current activation in place (it has not already expired), the Library administrator can reactivate via the Library Admin area through following these instructions:
  1. Log into the Administration page
  2. In the left pane, click 'Activation'
  3. In the 'Renew Activation' section, click 'Launch Activation Webpage'.
  4. Follow the instructions in the 'Triaster Activation Server' webpages.
  5. When prompted, use your usual Activation Reference
  6. When prompted type the number of CPU's in use (this is related to the number of Server licences you are allowed to use)
  7. Copy and paste the Activation key into the 'Enter New Activation Code' dialog, and click 'Apply'.
  8. Close the dialog.
If the Activation has already expired you will require Server access to run 'ServerActivation2011.exe', found in:  \Triaster\TriasterServer2011\Services\   Launch Activation Server, then follow points 3 to 8 above.
Please note: for v13.5 and v14.2 Process Navigator will require a separate activation on the server.
The Following applies to all versions prior to V11.

Re-activating Process Navigator

First, please note the following important information:

The publication user is the user account for which Visio and Process Navigator need to be configured, and for which Process Navigator needs to be activated (activation is user-specific).

 This user account should be the one under which the 'PN Publication Wrapper' service runs on the Triaster server, which can be checked from the Administrative Tools > Services applet.

To activate or re-activate Process Navigator do the following:
  1. Log on as the Publication User Account
  2. Open up the software, if there is no current licence then the Triaster Activation Status dialogue will appear, if there is a current licence then press Help>Activation Status
  3. Press "Enter New Activation Code"
  4. Click on "Launch activation server" button (If your server is unable to connect to the internet, please copy and paste the Unique Reference number shown in the top heading bar of this dialog box and send it via email to asking for a server activation. They will create the code for you, emailing it back over so that you can continue from step 8 below).

  5. Type your Activation Reference number into activation reference box, then click “Next”  

  6. Type the number of months left through to you next renewal date (shown on screen), then click “Next”

  7. Enter your email address twice and click "activate"

  8. Copy & paste the long code given on the web page or the email you'll receive, into point 3) Enter the activation code... within your Process Navigator software and click on "Apply"

  9. Close Process Navigator

  10. Log off the Publication User account

The following applies to Triaster Server v10.1 only:

Re-activating the Browser Toolkit

To activate your Browser Toolkit when no current activation is present please follow the instructions here.  To reactivate the Browser Toolkit while you still have a valid licence please do the following:
  1. Navigate to the process library website's Product Activation tool.
    1. In the site, Library Administration > Site Admin
    2. Click on Product Activation
  2. Follow on screen instructions for activation.

Re-activating the Publication Server and Improvement Workbench Server 

To activate or re-activate the Publication Server and Improvement Workbench Server please log on to the Publication Server and follow the instructions found here.

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