Hyperlinks to other process maps no longer work

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Ref: 20070329
Last Modified: September 28th 2011
When viewing HTML, hyperlinks to other pages in the drawing do not appear to work when the Web page is opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
You may receive an error script that reads
"Internet explorer cannot open the Internet site" and/or "Error: 'viewMgr.zoomLast' is null or not an object"
Possible Causes
This is a known issue with Microsoft Visio 2003. HTML pages created through Visio 2003 and opened in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) may exhibit this behaviour.
Solution 1
Update Visio to SP3.
Visio 2003 with SP3 applied creates HTML with hyperlinks that work in Internet Explorer 7.
Solution 2
Triaster have identified a fix, we have tested it on a small scale and we will be releasing it as soon as we are confident it will work. However, before we do, because the impact of the change is so wide, we have to test it thoroughly in every combination of operating system, version of Internet Explorer, version of Visio and supported language versions. We also have to test it on every combination of format of hyperlink and on all shapes. This is a big task and it is one we have to get right, so we will release the fix as soon as we can be confident it will not itself introduce new issues.
There is an interim workaround available to customers, please see below for instructions in applying this fix.
Please download the IE7Workaround zip file. This file needs to be saved on your computer and configured in Visio.
This can be done by opening any Visio file (NB: does not have to be a Process Navigator file) and select File > Save as Web Page from the Visio menu. Choose a location where you can temporarily save a HTML file and rather than clicking on Save, click the Publish button. This will bring up a dialog that will allow you to set extra options. On the Advanced tab set the Host in Web Page option to use the attached html file and click OK. This will publish the current file to HTML. Once completed, close Visio and delete the temporary HTML content you just generated (if desired).
The next Process Navigator export will use this Host in Web Page file and will no longer have the problem with IE7. This will mean that you will have to export your entire set of maps to HTML to resolve this issue. The easiest way to do this is to delete the HTML content from your intranet root and then publish all your maps.
Applies to:
  • Internet Explorer 7 

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