Publication task to set scope of maps loaded

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Ref: 201111041440 AR
Last Edited: November 4th, 2011
This task allows the scope of the operation of existing tasks to be restricted. This increases the flexibility of the publication process.
The following (in red) can be inserted at the start of a taskset within the publication tasks xml:
    <TaskSet Name="Website Publication">
   <Task Type="SETSCOPEBYEXCLUDE" Search="triaster" />
   <Task Type="SETSCOPEBYINCLUDE" Search="general" />
      <Task Type="SETMULTIMAPROOT" NewFolder="C:\Triaster\map store\ProcessLibrary\2 Maps for Review" />
To restrict which maps are exported to Excel to those containing "it life cycle", the following tasks must be added in the order given below. Note: the folder Excel Master must be created manually prior to running the tasks.
<Task Type="SETMULTIMAPROOT" NewFolder="c:\triaster\map store\processlibrary\3 master" />
<Task Type="SETSCOPEBYINCLUDE" Search="it life cycle" />
<Task Type="EXPORTTOEXCELSINGLEFILE" Target="C:\Triaster\Excel Master\Life Cycle
.xls" />

The task type "SETSCOPEBYEXCLUDE" will exclude any file from processing where the path contains the Search string.
The task type "SETSCOPEBYINCLUDE" will only process files where the path contains the Search string.
If the Set Scope task is used at the top of a taskset, the scope restriction will apply to all tasks within the taskset.
If the Set Scope restriction needs to be applied to a single task, it can be set immediately before the task and reset to normal behaviour immediately after the task (by setting the Search string to "").
Technical Note:
The Set Scope tasks add a filter value into the registry which is used, along with the multimap root, to determine which maps are loaded as part of a specific task.

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