Page cannot be found Error when executing a Hyperlink to a DocX File

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Ref: 201008111548
Last Edited: September 28th 2011
When executing a hyperlink from a webpage to a DocX file (Microsoft Office Word 2007 and later), an error page is displayed, reporting "The page cannot be found". The link to the DocX file is an HTTP path. The file exists in the location specified, so the link should be valid.
The MIME type for DocX files isn't defined on the web server.
Define the MIME type in IIS as follows:
1. On the web server, run Internet Information Services Manager with administrative privileges.
2. In the left-hand pane, right-click on '[Computer Name] (local computer)' > Properties.
3. Click on the 'MIME Types...' button.
4. Check that there isn't already a '.docx' MIME type listed. If there is, it should be checked: see below for the setting.
5. Assuming it doesn't already exist, click 'New...'.
6. In the 'MIME Type' dialog, set:
Extension: .docx
MIME Type: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
and click OK to update settings and close dialogs until the main 'Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager' dialog has focus.
7. Right-click '[Computer Name] (local computer)' > All Tasks > Restart IIS..., and confirm prompts to restart IIS.

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