Hyperlinking to bookmarks in a Word document will not open the document at the bookmark

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Ref: 201002241110 
Last Edited: January 29th 2015
When executing a hyperlink from a webpage to a Word document intended to open the document at a bookmark, the document opens at its top, ignoring the direction to the bookmark.
This happens if the document is opened in Word 2007 or 2010; if opened in Word 2003, it opens at the bookmark.
This problem has been acknowledged by Microsoft, and is due to a default configuration of Word 2007 and 2010. See here for more details:
The website containing the documents may be in a restricted security zone (as Internet Explorer would see it). When in the Internet zone, documents have been found to open at the top rather than at the bookmark.
The above Microsoft Knowledge base article offers a workaround, which configures Word to open the document as would earlier versions of Word.
In addition, the process library website may need to be a Trusted Site or within the Local Intranet zone.
Note: When this article was created, Microsoft's workaround included the instruction to "click to clear the Browse in same window check box". This is actually the default configuration that causes the problem. The box needs to be checked, not cleared.
Applies to:
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Microsoft Office Word 2010

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