Rename Node terminology in Web site reports

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Ref: 201004160925
Last Edited: September 29th 2011
 In Browser Toolkit version 10.1 onwards, the term "Node" can be replaced in report headings with a term defined by the user. For example, the Roles report contains a column with the heading "Containing Node": this could be renamed to "Containing Object".
This change can be configured as follows:
  1. Using Notepad open the file GlobalConfig.xml which is located within the ProcessLibraries folder.
  2. Insert the following line within the GlobalSettings tags. If the line already exists it can simply be amended. <NodeName>Object</NodeName>
    <QueueFolder>c:\program files\triaster\publicationserver\publicationwrapper\queue</QueueFolder>
            <Username>STEVE JONES</Username>

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