Initiate a Publish when the Library Administration Web Pages are not Available

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Ref: 20091012
Last edited September 29th, 2011
Publications are usually initiated through the Library Administration web pages. However, if these pages have been deleted to force their republication you will normally get an error page taking you to the log-in page. If you do not get forwarded to this page, a publication can still be run in the recommended way (using the queuing system that avoids overlapping publications).
1. Determine the name of the PNTASK file that would trigger the desired publication.
The name of the PNTASK file can be determined from the Config.xml file of the Publication Wrapper.
 i) In Windows Explorer, browse to PublicationWrapper folder, commonly found in the Triaster folder on the Publication Server, e.g. 'C:\Triaster\PublicationWrapper' or 'C:\Program Files\Triaster\PublicationServer\PublicationWrapper'.
ii) Open Config.xml in, say, Internet Explorer or Notepad.
iii) In the Users section, locate the User with the Username that corresponds to the desired publication.
The Username usually has a value that obviously associates it with a particular publication. Other information for that User, such as PublishBatchFile, should help to confirm the correct one.
The name of the PNTASK file would then be <Username>.pntask, e.g. 'PROCESSLIBRARY_SANDPIT.pntask'.
2. Create the PNTASK file.
i) In Windows Explorer, browse to the parent folder of the Queue folder.
The Queue folder is commonly in the PublicationWrapper folder, e.g. 'C:\Triaster\PublicationWrapper\Queue' or 'C:\Program Files\Triaster\PublicationServer\PublicationWrapper\Queue', but is identified explicitly in the Publication Wrapper Config.xml file, under Settings\QueueFolder (usually as a path relative to the PublicationWrapper folder).
ii) In the parent folder (in the above example, the PublicationWrapper folder), right-click in space in Explorer's right-hand pane > New > Text Document, and name it, e.g. 'PROCESSLIBRARY_SANDPIT.pntask'.
3. Initiate the publication by moving (or copying) the PNTASK file to the Queue folder.
The PN Publication Wrapper service should then identify the file, and run the appropriate publication.
Task Manager (the Processes tab, with 'Show processes from all users' enabled) could be used to confirm whether the publication is running. An 'AnalystEdition.exe' process should be active.

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