How to edit Roles or Ownership list

 This article is suitable for an IT Adminstrator
Ref: 200911251509
Last Edited: September 29th, 2011
Triaster Server: 10.1

Editing lists used by the browser toolkit can be done in two ways.
If you are only making a few entries, the simplest way is to go to Library Administration > Site Admin > Filters and select Ownership, Roles or Systems.
Once you have entered your new values you must save the page before navigating away.
Entries can also be made on mass by editing the XML file. Just like the properties xml file it is important that only people with the relevant skills make the changes as the file is case-sensitive, space-sensitive and ampersand (&) sensitive.
You will find the file called config.xml on the webserver for the ProcessLibrary\<name of site>\Tools\<Name of tool i.e roles, ownership or systems>
Below is an extract from the Roles file:
  <SearchPhrase>-All Roles-</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>HR-Admin Clerk</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>HR-Department Head</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>HR-Pers Assistant</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>IT-Business Analyst</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>IT-Database Analyst</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>IT-Implementation Mgr</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>IT-Project Manager</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>IT-Support Engineer</SearchPhrase>
  <SearchPhrase>IT-Technical Lead</SearchPhrase>
Change the text as appropriate between <SearchPhrase> and </SearchPhrase> and create any new entries before the </SearchPhrases> entry. The order of the entries shown in this list are exactly as will be shown on the website.
IT IS VITAL THAT THE ENTRY <SearchPhrase>-All Roles-</SearchPhrase> is not moved or changed

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