404 error when using Process Library tools

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Last Edited: September 28th, 2011

Validation steps

  1. Does the Browser Toolkit installation validation pass?
    1. If yes, move on to question 2.
    2. If no, please follow the instructions on the validation steps here.
  2. Are the Triaster Browser Toolkit and the Process Library installed to the same directory as specified as a requirement in the Installing the Browser Toolkit and Installing the Process Library articles?
    1. If yes, move on to question 3.
    2. If no, please uninstall one of the two components and install it to the same directory as its partner.
  3. When executing the link http://localhost/Triaster%20Browser%20Toolkit/admin/admindefault.html from the server, does this show a page titled 'Administration'?
    1. If yes, move on to question 4.
    2. If no, please check the installation of ASP.NET version 2 to IIS.
      1. Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
      2. Windows Server 2003: Select Web Service Extensions.
        Windows Server 2008: Select '<Computer Name> (<User Name>)', then double-click 'ISAPI and CGI Restrictions' under 'IIS' in the Features view.
      3. ASP.NET v2.*.* should be 'Allowed'.
        1. If it is allowed, move to step 4.
        2. If it is 'Prohibited', please set to 'Allowed', and repeat the Installing the Browser Toolkit validation.
        3. If it is not present, then:
          1. Open a 'Command Prompt' window.

            Note: If Windows Server 2008, then the 'Command Prompt' window needs to opened running 'as administrator'.
            Start > All Programs > Accessories > right-click 'Command Prompt' > Run as administrator.
          2. In the 'Command Prompt' window, type:
            C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe -i
            and press ENTER.
          3. Repeat the Installing the Browser Toolkit validation.
  4. Once all of the above has been completed, and there are still issues with completing the Installing the Browser Toolkit validation, then please contact support@triaster.co.uk and send them a screenshot or a written representation of the IIS folder structure and the Triaster components folder structure.

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