Setting up GoodSync on my Server

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Last Edited: February 25th 2013

What is GoodSync?

GoodSync is the software Triaster use to sync the file store from a Customer Server to a Triaster Hosted Server.

GoodSync uses its own HTTP Direct IP Addressing system (i.e gstp://) which connects the two computers which are synching to each other directly. It doesn't pass through the cloud, nor does it pass through any external servers. We will also turns on Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption of the transmit and receive channel.


What is the first step to set GoodSync up on my hosted server? 

As a first step all that is required is a Windows administrator account with Read/Write access to the folders that will be synched. You are able to restrict the access down to only those files required to be copied up and down from the Triaster server, Triaster will not have access to any other information on your server. Once you have done this please notify

What will happen next?

Once Triaster have set up GoodSync on your hosted server, GoodSync will need to be set up on your server. Triaster can remote in (permission permitted) to install GoodSync and set it up to automatically run overnight and to run on publish. If you aren’t able to give us remote access, your IT department to follow the instructions below:

GoodSync Implementation Instructions

A Windows account to run GoodSync must be created prior to following these instruction; this needs to be an administrator account with Read/Write access to the folders that will be synced.

1. Log on to a machine with newly created ‘GoodSync’ Windows account that will run the GoodSync tool.

2. Download GoodSync (

3. Run GoodSync.exe (Yes/Allow to any windows security messages). 

4. Select language: English. 

5. Click 'I agree'.

6. Choose Install Destination Folder (Default is recommended) – click 'Next'. 

7. Choose the desired Shortcuts/Desktop/Quick Launch - click 'Install'. 

8. Wait for installation to complete – click 'Finish'. 

9. A window will pop up asking ‘Do you want this computer to connect to your other computers?’, Select ‘Yes, Connect my computers using GoodSync Connect’ – Click 'Next'. 

10. When prompted to either ‘Create a new account’ or ‘Use an existing GoodSync account’ - Select ‘Use an existing account’.

11. Enter the account details – (ComputerID is the computer name of the customer machine. User ID and Password supplied by Triaster).

12. Click 'Next'
13. Enter the Username and Password for the Windows User account (same as Step 1), and click apply settings.

14. Click 'OK' to any messages prompting you to upgrade your version of GoodSync.

15. Inform Triaster these steps are completed by e-mailing  

The paths for your map stores, flash-menu’s and documents will be configured on the Server Side set up of this tool by the Triaster implementer.

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