What is the difference between Visio's and Process Navigator's export to HTML?

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Last Edited - September 29th, 2011
The Process Navigator Export to HTML will do several things that Visio's Save As Web Page will not:

1. The shapes on the page will be ordered such that shapes like swimlanes and Nodes will not hide hyperlinks on shapes beneath them which can happen if either a Node or swimlanes are dropped on top of shapes that already have hyperlinks inserted.

2. Links between maps will be converted to point to the corresponding html page. If you have several maps linking to each other such as off-page connectors, external drill-down, etc., using Visio's Save as Web Page all the hyperlinks from the HTML page would still be linking to the Visio files (.vdx's). Using Process Navigator's Export to HTML, the links from the exported HTML will link to the exported html version of the hyperlink targets.

3. Meta tag information can be written describing the content of the map for use in a search engine.

4. Visio 2003's default hyperlink description is the shape name, this can be configured using Process Navigator to show the hyperlink target or shape description.

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