What is Microsoft Silverlight and what do Triaster use it for?

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Last Edited: September 28th, 2011

What is Microsoft Silverlight 

Microsoft's definition is: 
"Silverlight is a free plug-in powered by the .NET framework that is compatible across multiple browsers, devices and operating systems to bring a new level of interactivity wherever the Web works."
(Note: the .NET framework does not need to be installed separately.)

Why do Triaster use it and where is it used?

Currently Triaster use Silverlight to render graphics within the Improvement Launchpad, Process Tree and Library Explorer. Silverlight gives us the power to create pages that are much more attractive to view and gives additional interactivity (such as scaling a folder tree) that HTML alone does not. 

What happens if I don't install it?

If you don't install Silverlight, the Process Tree, Improvement Launchpad and Library Explorer will not run and will restrict usability. If you do not need the areas of the software listed, then there is no need to install it. It is our recommendation that it is installed by default. Triaster are always updating the software we provide and in future, Silverlight may be a mandatory requirement for the solution.

It is not essential to install the Silverlight component on the Web Server, as its Web browser will rarely, if ever, be used for the purposes of viewing the process library sites. However, if you are trying to troubleshoot an issue using the Web Server directly, then any Silverlight content will not be displayed.

More Information

The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site

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