Unable to View Website Process Maps

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Ref 20070329
Last Edited september 28th, 2011
You cannot see the sample process maps or homepages on Triaster's website; the page loads but the process map does not show.
Possible Causes:
Your PC may be set so that you cannot view VML graphics
1. Please download the following zip file containing a simple HTML publication that should allow you to test whether you can view VML graphics.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file to somewhere convenient.
It would help if you are able to extract to a network location, rather than your C:\ drive, as there are restrictions on opening such files on the C:\ drive that may complicate the test. If you do need to extract to your C:\ drive, then note the suggestion below.
3. Double-click on 'html test.html' to open it in your browser.
4. If the files have been saved to and opened from the C:\ drive, there will probably be a message about restrictions in a bar near the top of the window. Click in that bar to 'Allow Blocked Content'.
A simple process map should be displayed, containing a Node, an Activity and two Deliverables.
If not, it would seem there are problems with displaying VML graphics. This should be referred to your IT department. It could be due to security settings in Internet Explorer or with the vector graphics rendering system itself.
If you can see VML graphics where files are stored on your PC or on a network drive, but not when viewing a site on the Internet, it would suggest that the problem is with the security settings on the browser. Again, this ought to be referred to your IT department. If they have a security policy in place, it wouldn't be appropriate for us to instruct you to change settings, at least not without their involvement.
Applies to:
  • Browser Toolkit
  • Internet Explorer

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