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Triaster Server : What is the process for upgrading from version 10.1 or earlier?

Upgrading to the latest Triaster Server from version 10.1 or earlier is a reasonably complex process which will be delivered free of charge by remote install (only) by Triaster for all Library customers.
There are quite a few steps to the upgrade process and we will need your input at various stages before we can move onto the next one. This means the process will take some time, but the plan is that at the end of it you are happy and comfortable with your upgraded Library before it goes live to your end users.

Test installation

We recommend that the initial install of the latest Triaster Server  is on a test server. Anyone with a Triaster Trusted Partner Agreement is licensed for a Test Triaster Server and we recommend that you make full use of this. The server can be either hardware or a virtual server, provided that it complies with the Triaster Server Minimum System Requirements found here.

Initial installation on a test server will enable testing of how the latest Library functionality behaves with your specific process maps and will enable us to iron out any issues before the Library is installed on your live server.

For all Triaster Hosted customers we will provide a test server for the initial new Library install.
For all other customers, if you are unable to provide a test server, the first step is to provide us with a copy of your process maps so that we can test them in-house before we install the latest Library on your live server.
Please note: all future Triaster Server upgrades will be by self-install. It is very strongly recommended that these are made on a test server in the first place. To encourage and support you in the adoption of this best practice approach, we will deliver a remote (only) Test Triaster Server implementation free of charge as part of the Triaster Server  upgrade from version 10.1 or earlier. In future this will be chargeable.

Live installation

In any event, the upgraded Library will initially be installed on your live server, side-by-side with your current Library. This means that end users can continue to use your current Library without interruption until the upgrade from 10.1 or earlier is completed and you are entirely comfortable with it.
The two libraries can’t be published at the same time however. If there's anything in the latest Server queue, Server 10 will pause before initiating a queued publication. If there's something in the Server 10 queue, the new Server will abort the requested publication. Accordingly thought should be given to the order in which publications are launched.  

Getting the most out of your upgrade

We recommend that during user acceptance testing (UAT) of your upgraded Library, you take the software service package, ‘Getting the most out of your Library upgrade’.
This services package delivers on-site time to review your new Library with you, train you on how to make the most of the new features, workshop Alerts and Approvals with your reviewers and embed the new way of content review and approval in your organisation. We will also discuss with you how to make the most of the upgrade – perhaps a re-launch and some awareness sessions; perhaps some renewed focus on the content? An agenda can be viewed here.
This is an on-site service, which is optional and costs two consultancy days plus expenses.

Liaison and discussion

During the upgrade process we will liaise with you to discuss the following:
  • We will request a copy of your current branding files. We require this to amend your Navigation bar, so that it is consistent with the 11.2 and later layout, with separate Header and Menu bars. This will enable easier releases of additional functionality in future and simplify future upgrades.
  • We will also request a copy of your latest Properties file(s). We need to upgrade this/these to include the properties required to drive new functionality.
  •  Information regarding:
    • The names of your libraries and sites in use
    • If you have customised your Library Help
    • If you have customised your Menu pages
    • If you would like us to install Weblog Expert 
This is so that your upgraded system mirrors your existing system as closely as possible.
  • In order for you to benefit from the new alerts and approvals functionality we will need to liaise regarding the approvals process that you go through in order to verify your process maps before they are published to the Live site. Usually we install to the default settings unless otherwise requested.

  • We also usually implement Search to the default settings, but can change this if preferred.
  • The Report Exchange is set up and ready to use with version 11.2 and later. A set of reports will be installed by default. However, you may have customised the reports in your current library and want these carried forward instead. We will need to discuss and agree this with you.
  • We will need to liaise with your IT regarding remote access to your server and if this is not possible we will need to agree when we can come on site (this will be chargeable). We will also need to confirm that both the test and live severs comply with Triaster's minimum system requirements found here.
For Triaster hosted customers, obviously we can access much of this information directly; for all other customers we will need to ask you to supply it. (We will give easy to follow instructions.)
  • We will also liaise with you to agree your upgrade plan, the dates of install (both test and live), your user acceptance testing and dates on-site to deliver the two day ‘Getting the most out of your  upgrade’ package if you purchase this.
  • Following your sign off of your upgrade Library and confirmation that you are ready to Go Live with it, we will decommission your old library and the upgrade is complete!

Help is at hand!

We understand that perhaps the whole process of upgrading to the latest Triaster Server from version 10.1 an earlier may seem a bit daunting. However, please be reassured that it will be fully managed and we will be in touch to guide you through every step of the way.


The latest Triaster Software will be deomstrated using Relese update webinars. For details and to register please click here.
To request commencing the process of upgrading to the latest Triaster Server from version 10.1 or earlier , please e-mail or call Emily or Jo on +44 (0)870 402 1234.
Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on 0870 402 1234.
Do you have any feedback or suggestions that you would like to share with Triaster? We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail
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