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What is the process for upgrading to Process Navigator 11.2 on the Triaster Server?

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Last Edited: May 31th, 2012 
Please note the following applies to all:
  • If you have a Triaster Test Server, the install should be on the test server in the first instance and only once you have completed your user acceptance testing, be installed on the Triaster Live Server.  
  • If you need a reminder of your activation code, please e-mail or call +44 (0)870 402 1234 and ask for the Activation Team.
The process differs depending on which version of the Process Navigator that you currently have installed on your server. To check which version you are on, please read the article ‘How do I check the version Process Navigator on my Server?’

Your current version of Process Navigator

To upgrade from 10.1.8 and above, please just download the software from the Software Download page.
To upgrade from any version between 9.1 and 10.1.7, please uninstall all previous versions of Process Navigator and then download the software from the Software Download page.
To upgrade from any version prior to 9.1, please contact who will set up an upgrade project to upgrade all Triaster server software to the latest version, rather than just Process Navigator. This will involve liaison with your IT and possibly a couple of days downtime on your library; this can be avoided however if the latest software is installed on a new server. 

Installing the upgrade

1. Download Process Navigator release from the Software Download page. 
2. Follow the Installation Guide instructions 'How to Install and Activate Process Navigator Software' to install and activate the software.

Client PCs

Your client PCs can be upgraded at any time. Please follow the instruction on the Software download page.

Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on 0870 402 1234.
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