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Upgrading Triaster Server to latest version (16.1)

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Last Edited: March 23rd, 2016

The following instructions apply if you are upgrading FROM 15.1 or 15.3 TO 16.1.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, please contact Triaster Customer Services first. This is because each Triaster Process Library has a customised homepage design and specific alerts and approvals requirements, the configuration of the new menu editor and alerts and approvals functionality will need to be Library specific. 

It is strongly recommended that this installation is tested on a test server prior to the upgrade of your Live Library.
If the Triaster solution is installed on a virtual server then please take a snapshot before following the instructions below. This will enable you to rollback if required.

Prior to upgrading you will need:   þ
The publication user account and password (You will need to log in as this user to complete the upgrade).  
The current installation path for the Triaster Server and Process Navigator. This is stored on your client site. If you have any difficulties with this, please contact Triaster Customer Services.      
To ensure that your server meets the Triaster minimum system requirements, which you can find by clicking here.  
The operating system of your server. 
To notify of your planned upgrade date, so we can ensure we are on hand to assist if required, and advise if you require a bespoke upgrade plan.  
To take a back up of the 'TriasterServer2011' folder. ( Please note that this may take a while, depending on how many maps you have). This folder is generally found within C:\Triaster, but may be a different location such as E:\Triaster, depending the current installation path. Please contact Triaster Support if you are unsure about what to do.  

Software Upgrade Process

1. Log on to the Server as the publication user account.

2. Check whether 32 or 64 bit Visio is installed. To do this open Visio and follow the instructions below depending on which version of Visio is installed.
    a. Visio 2007: Always 32-bit. 
    b. Visio 2010: Go to File -> Help. On the right hand side under About Microsoft Visio there will be a version number. The bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) is specified with this number
    c. Visio 2013: Go to File -> Account. Click About Visio (question mark icon). The bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) is shown at the top of the About Visio box.

3. Download the new software versions of both Triaster Server and Process Navigator from the software downloads page ( The Process Navigator version downloaded must correspond to the bitness of Visio (see step 2).

4. Install Process Navigator by running ProcessNavigator.msi within the Process Navigator zip file. Ensure the install path displayed matches that of the current installation path.

5. Uninstall the current Triaster Server software by completing the following steps.
    a. If using Windows Server 2008: Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. If using Windows Server 2012: Click Desktop ->Control Panel -> Programs/Uninstall a program. 
    b. Select the Triaster Server software.
    c. Uninstall the Triaster Server (if asked whether the Triaster Server applications can be closed, select the "Automatically close..." option and click OK).

6. Extract the zip file to a location on the server (such as the Desktop). Install the newly downloaded version by double-clicking TriasterServer.msi; Ensure the install path displayed matches that of the current installation path.

7. When prompted enter the publication user account logon and password, prefixed with the computer or domain name. For example "mycomputer\TriasterPublisher" or "somedomain\John Smith". The install should now complete successfully.

Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on + 44 (0)870 402 1234.
Do you have any feedback or suggestions that you would like to share with Triaster? We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail