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Triaster upgrade archive policy

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Last Edited: December 23rd 2009


As a result of software developments we have had to change the folder architecture for the Triaster suite 20xx.x. To enable Triaster to better support all of our customers we will now only install and configure our software in accordance with our best practice. Drives for data and configuration can still be specified by customers, but the naming convention of high level folders will be strictly enforced.

How will it affect our customers?

Customers will have a folder structure that has been cleaned and easy to follow. Depending on the version that is being upgraded, (i.e Basic library, Web accelerator, 4.5 Web powered library) files and folders will be in different locations. When Triaster begins the upgrade process, an archive directory will be created in the file store called 'Previous Triaster Version' and a copy of all files and folders will be placed in this location. Folders within this directory will be named :
  • Web Server
  • Publication Server
  • File store
The exact folder structure and naming convention will also be copied, so that in the event of any issue, the original setup can still easily be restored. During the upgrade all the original files will remain in place to ensure maximum possible up-time for the library. It is recommended that no new process maps be added to the file store during the upgrade process or any other configurations be changed, because these can not be restored from the archive location as the copying process is only ever done once.

What happens after the upgrade is completed?

Upon completion of the upgrade, all available content will be published to the relevant websites (Sandpit, Prelive and Live). For customers who are migrating from previous versions Triaster will publish content as follows:
  • A single site - Triaster will publish content to the Sandpit site only. This is so that content can be checked by customers before making it available to the wide community of viewers.
  • Draft/Test and Live site - Triaster will publish the Draft/Test maps to the Sandpit site and the Live content to the Prelive site only, so that content can be checked by customers before making it available to the wide community of viewers.
  • Multi sites - Triaster will publish to Prelive only as the content in the Live library may be different to that of the source content in the 3 Master folder and content will need to be checked by customers before making it available to the wide community of viewers. 
Upon completion of a successful publication, all old files and configurations will be DELETED, with the 'Previous Triaster Version' folder holding the 'as was' data. Please also be aware that the URL of the new process library will be different from the old one, therefore users who have it in their favorites will need to be informed of the change.

What happens to hyperlinks in process maps?

Off-page connectors between maps will continue to function as normal. Links to documents will need to be reviewed. If the documents are linked to a document management system or are held on web pages, no changes are required.
If documents are linked using an absolute file reference (i.e \\Server name\documents\mydocument.doc) these  will continue to function, providing they are not saved in the old Triaster documents location. For any links which do point to this location, they will need to be amended, as the location of the documents folder has changed. This can be done by using the replace hyperlink feature in Process Navigator for all maps at the same time. Alternatively the maps can be exported to Excel and the location can be changed in the hyperlinks tab.
For documents using relative paths (i.e. ..\..\Mydocument.doc) these will need to be reviewed on a 'case by case' basis and can either be updated in Visio, use Process Navigator's replace hyperlink function or export to Excel.

Can Customers opt out of this change?

No. The new folder structure is fundamental to the operation of the software. Changing the configuration may cause the software to stop working correctly and can cause unnecessary problems due to inactive files being modified.
If you have any concerns about the upgrade, please discuss these with your Technical Implementer BEFORE any work is started.
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