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Technical information required by Triaster

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Last Edited: September 28th, 2011

This article sets out the configuration details that Triaster require for a successful process library installation. Triaster's default installation path is the C:\ drive of any machine, although it is common for us to change this to a drive letter of your choosing.

Minimum requirements

To view our minimum installation requirements click here

Which Servers are in use?

The Triaster solution requires up to 3 server roles. These can be either 3 physical/virtual servers or one server performing 3 roles. How many servers are going to be in use?
The three roles that are required are:
  • File store for the storage of the Visio Process maps
  • Publication server for the conversion of Visio Process maps into HTML
  • Web Server which hosts the HTML and ASP content for the website

Which drive letter is used by the file store?

This server hold the maps created by the mapping team using Process Navigator. Maps are stored in a directory structure specific to your organisation. If the file store is to be on a different server, we require access to be mapped to it. Whilst not mandatory it is helpful that the letter used by the users is recorded. The file store requires Read/Write/Modify access.
  • What is the Server name?
  • What is the IP address?
  • What drive letter is used by the users?
  • What is the full UNC path for the file store?

What is the Server name and IP address of the publication server?

This server performs the conversion of the Visio maps into HTML content. As already mentioned this can be a separate machine to the file store and Web server
  • What is the Server name and IP address of this server?
  • Which Drive letter can Triaster install to?

Will the Triaster solution have its own dedicated IIS Web server?

The Triaster solution does not need its own dedicated IIS server, although it does need IIS version 6 or above and .NET version 2.0 or over. If Triaster are going to share the server with other applications, we will create a new virtual directory for the library. If SharePoint is installed on this server, then SharePoint's website content must be stored on a different IIS website to the Browser Toolkit.

  • Does the web server have read/write access to the relevant directory on the Publication server?
  • What is the server name and IP address?
  • What version of .NET is installed?

Email and user configuration of the Publication Wrapper

The publication wrapper is the tool used by Triaster to start the conversion (or publication) to the website of the Visio files to HTML. Upon finishing a publication an email is sent to an address to notify the user of successful completion or if there were any failures. In the event of a failure occurring during publication it is an option to send Triaster Support the log. The email includes a log file stating exactly what has happened. Triaster support with then respond if it is not a simple error easily rectified by reading the log file. A copy of the logs are also saved on the server. Triaster require a service account to be set up on the publication server with a password that does not expire. This password will need to be given to Triaster for use during the installation or a user will need to be present to enter it on Triaster's behalf. Triaster do not store customer passwords.
  • What user name is to be used by Triaster?
  • What email address should be used for sending confirmations to? (Triaster recommends a distribution list something like
  • What email address should error logs be returned to? (again Triaster recommends this is not an individual as these emails will not be monitored if that email address is no longer in use)
  • What email address should the logs be sent from ? (The default alias is
  • Do you have a server that accepts anonymous email to be sent from?
  • What is its full name and IP address?
  • If users must be authenticated what account should be used? (Please note that authentication requires the username and password for the account in question to be stored as text within an XML document on the publication server)

Which method can Triaster use for remote support?

Triaster as standard gives technical support remotely which method of entry can Triaster use? 
  • Goto Meeting
  • Webex
  • Live Meeting
  • VPN
  • Citrix
  • Other

Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on +44 (0)870 402 1234.
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