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Install Process Navigator from a Restricted User Account using Elevated Privileges

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Last edited September 29th 2011
The standard Process Navigator installation requires administrative privileges. However, there may be reason to install Process Navigator using a user account with restricted rights that do not usually allow software installation. This document describes requirements for such an installation, and how to configure it. Note: Further details on installing with elevated privileges are available from the Microsoft Website 

Components of the installation that require administrative rights

There are components of the Process Navigator installation that are packages created by Microsoft, and require administrative rights to install.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
  • MDAC 2.7

If Process Navigator is to be installed with non-administrative rights, then these components should be pre-installed separately with the appropriate privileges.

However, as these are general Windows components, they may already be installed; a suitable version of MDAC is a standard component of Windows XP.

Configuring Windows for installing using elevated privileges

Restricted user accounts usually have insufficient privileges to install software. However, Windows can be configured to allow installations to be performed under such accounts.

The following registry values need to be set:

 AlwaysInstallElevated = 1

 AlwaysInstallElevated = 1
 EnableUserControl = 1

The EnableUserControl value needs to be set to allow the installation to be configured by setting MSI properties.

Configuring the Process Navigator installation

Installing with elevated privileges in this way requires that Process Navigator is installed directly from its MSI package, Process Navigator.msi.

For details, see here.

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