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Installing the Triaster Server 10.1

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Last Edited: September 28th, 2011


This article is intended to describe the installation of the Triaster Server software.  
The Triaster Server Installer amalgamates the installers for the software components that comprise the Triaster Server.
  • Process Navigator
  • Triaster Browser Toolkit
  • Triaster Process Library
  • Triaster Publication Server



It is assumed that:
  • The server meets the minimum requirements, as described in 'What are the Minimum System Requirements?'.
  • Installation and configuration information has been finalised and documented, probably on the Technical Information page of your customer website.
  • The Triaster Server installer has been obtained from Triaster.


  1. Install with administrative rights, preferably as the Triaster services user, running 'Triaster Server Installer.exe'.
  2. On 'Triaster System Requirements Check', click 'Start'.
  3. If there are requirements that aren't met, close the dialog, and address them before restarting the installation.
  4. If the requirements have been met, click 'Next'.
  5. Click 'Start Install'.
  6. Install Process Navigator through the 'Process Navigator Setup Wizard'.
  7. Install Triaster Browser Toolkit through the 'Triaster Browser Toolkit Setup Wizard'.
  8. Install Process Library through the 'Process Library Setup Wizard'.
  9. Install Triaster Publication Server through the 'PublicationServer Setup Wizard'.
  10. When prompted by the 'Set Service Login' dialog, enter the credentials of the Triaster services account (probably the account under which the installation is being performed), using the syntax '<Domain Name>\<User Name>' or <Computer Name>\<User Name>', depending on whether a domain or local user.
    Note: this will need to be done twice, once for each of the services that run under this account.
  11. Click 'Next'.
  12. When prompted to activate, click 'Launch Activation Server'.
    Note: See information on activating on a server in 'How to Install and Activate Process Navigator Software'.
  13. When prompted, use the Activation Reference which should be recorded on the Technical Information page of your customer website.
  14. Copy and paste the Activation key into the activation dialog, and click 'Apply'.
  15. Close the dialog.

Installation Validation

  1. Validate the Triaster Browser Toolkit installation, as described in 'Installing Browser Toolkit'.
  2. Validate the Triaster Process Library installation, as described in 'Installing the Process Library'.
  3. Validate the Triaster Publication Server installation, as described in 'Installing the Publication Server 2010.1'.

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