Configuring the Triaster Server 11 to cooperate with Triaster Server 10

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Last Edited: August 31st, 2012


Automated publications apply configurations dynamically. It's important that publications do not run simultaneously on the same server, as configurations would conflict. In order to allow Triaster Server 10 to cooperate with Triaster Server 11, there are some configuration changes that are required. If Triaster Server 11 is publishing while they are configured correctly as shown below, then a publish scheduled by Triaster Server 10 will wait until Triaster Server 11 has finished before progressing.  If Triaster Server 10 is publishing when Triaster Server 11 schedules a publication, then the Triaster Server 11 publication will be cancelled.


  1. Open 'Settings.xml' in Notepad, typically found in:
    'C:\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\Services', but it would depend on the installation folder chosen.
  2. Navigate to where the Triaster Server 10 Queue folder is identified:
  3. Insert the path of the Queue folder, e.g.
    <v10QueueFolder>C:\Program Files\Triaster\PublicationServer\PublicationWrapper\Queue</v10QueueFolder>
  4. Save and close the file.
  5. Open a new file in Notepad.
  6. Copy in the following text into this new file:

    REM =================================================================
    REM Checks whether there is a Triaster Server 11 publication running.
    REM =================================================================


    REM -------------------------------------------------
    REM Initialise variables
    REM  - return value, search term, Queue file and path
    REM -------------------------------------------------

    set set RetVal=0
    set QueueRoot=C:\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\Queue
    set PublicationQueueFile=%QueueRoot%\PubQueue.xml
    set SearchText=QueueItem

    REM --------------------------------------------------------------------------
    REM The check is whether a specified string exists in the specified Queue file
    REM --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    if exist "%PublicationQueueFile%" (
        findstr /I %SearchText% "%PublicationQueueFile%"

        if errorlevel 1 (
            set RetVal=0
        ) else (
            set RetVal=1

    REM ------------------------------------------
    REM Exit and set the return value (ErrorLevel)
    REM ------------------------------------------

    exit /b %RetVal%


  7. If necessary, set the QueueRoot variable to reflect the installation.
  8. Press File > Save As.
  9. Select "All Files" as the "Save as type".
  10. Save as "TriasterServer11PublicationCheck.cmd" in the \PublicationServer\PublicationWrapper directory of the Triaster Server 10 installation.
  11. For each of the sites' WA Publish.cmd files do the following:
    1. Open the file in Notepad.
    2. Insert the following text at the beginning of the file:

      REM ===========================================================================
      REM Pause publication if Triaster Server 11 appears to be running a publication
      REM ===========================================================================

      call "C:\Program Files\Triaster\PublicationServer\PublicationWrapper\TriasterServer11PublicationCheck.cmd"

      if errorlevel 1 (
      ping -n 1 -w 60000 >NUL
      goto BEGINCHECK

    3. If necessary, replace the path "C:\Program Files\Triaster\PublicationServer\PublicationWrapper\TriasterServer11PublicationCheck.cmd" with the path to your "TriasterServer11PublicationCheck.cmd" file.
    4. Save and close the file.

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