Apply branding to a process library in Triaster Server 11 and later

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Last Edited: October 3rd, 2012


The look of a process library can be customised to a degree, with a bespoke home page, and some changes to formatting and colour schemes.

Home page

The home page is site-specific, and defined by these files:

\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\ProcessLibraries\<Library>\<Site>\static html\

These files represent a Flash-based home page, where the menu is defined in 'flash-menu.xml'. That file is expected to be updated routinely, but the others are usually delivered by Triaster, and are unlikely to be changed by a customer.


The header bar is at the top of a webpage.

This is defined by these files:

\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\ProcessLibraries\<Library>\<Site>\static html\

The header files can be customised.


The toolbar lies beneath the header and above the main content page.

This is defined by these files:

\Triaster\TriasterServer2011\ProcessLibraries\<Library>\<Site>\static html\

'toolbar.html' forwards to an ASPX page, and shouldn't be changed; 'toolset.css' and the associated images can.

Text and image formatting

Some text and image formatting can be defined in this file:


Other files in that location shouldn't be changed.

Frameset sizes

Framesets may need to be resized if the header is customised. Framesets are defined for each library site in this file:


    <stage name="triaster sample library:sandpit" title="Triaster Sample Library (Sandpit)" innerframewidth="224">
      <frame name="disclaimer" rowheight="20" path="../../processlibraries 2011/Triaster Sample Library/Sandpit/static html/disclaimer.html" />
      <frame name="top" rowheight="60" path="../../processlibraries 2011/Triaster Sample Library/sandpit/static html/header.html" />
      <frame name="tabs" rowheight="37" path="../../processlibraries 2011/Triaster Sample Library/sandpit/static html/toolbar.html" />


Note: Before making changes to Settings.xml, it's important to take a back-up copy. This file contains much of the Triaster Server configuration, and is vital to its operation. Ideally, any changes would be verified on a test server first.


The logo and formatting associated with alerts are defined by these files:


Visio HTML export

The formatting of some aspects of the HTML created from exporting Visio files is defined in this file:


If that file is changed, then all Visio-derived HTML should be recreated, as the formatting is set by copies of the above 'publish.css' file that are created as part of the HTML export.

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