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Installing the Publication Server 10.1

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Last Edited: September 28th, 2011


This document aims to provide an IT engineer with the knowledge required to install and test the Triaster Publication Server.  It is assumed that your server meets the minimum system requirements for the Triaster Server as specified here.  It is worth noting that the Improvement Workbench Server is included in the Publication Server installer.


  1. Obtain the files 'PublicationServerSetup.msi' and 'setup.exe' from Triaster.
  2. Install with administrative rights, preferably as the Triaster services user, running 'setup.exe'.
    Note: the Triaster services account is that which should have been created to run the Triaster software, including services which run automated publications.
  3. Click 'Next >'.
  4. Enter the preferred installation directory (please note: installing to the default locations will require less configuration post installation and is preferable from a technical support perspective).
  5. Click 'Next >'.
  6. Click 'Next >'.
  7. Click 'Close'.
  8. When prompted by the 'Set Service Login' dialog, enter the credentials of the Triaster services user account, created as part of the minimum system requirements, using the following syntax for the user name:
    <Computer Name>\<User Name> or <Domain Name>\<User Name>
    and click OK. This will need to be done twice, once for each service installed.
    Note: The syntax for the user name has nearly always required the inclusion of the computer or domain name. However, if this fails, try just the user name.

Install Validation

File Validation

  1. Is there a 'Config Files' folder in your chosen installation directory?
  2. Is there a 'PublicationWrapper' folder in your chosen installation directory?

Service Validation

  1. Start > Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Is the 'PN Publication Wrapper' service started?
  3. Is the 'Improvement Workbench Server' service started?
If validation fails, then Publication Server should be uninstalled and then re-installed. If still not successful, please contact

Need further help? Contact the Triaster Support team by e-mailing or by calling us on 0870 402 1234.

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