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Install Internet Information Services on Windows Server 2003

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Ref: 201012141348
Last Edited: July 27th, 2012


This article describes how to install or reconfigure Internet Information Services (IIS) on a Triaster Server running Windows Server 2003.


  1. Log on to the server with administrative privileges.
  2. Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Click 'Add/Remove Windows Components'.
  4. Select, but do not check, 'Application Server', and click 'Details...'.
  5. In the 'Application Server' dialog, check 'ASP.NET'.
  6. Select, but do not check, 'Internet Information Services (IIS), and click 'Details...'.
  7. In the 'Internet Information Services (IIS)' dialog, if the server isn't a mail server (a Triaster Server isn't expected to be), then uncheck 'SMTP Service'.
  8. Select, but do not check, 'World Wide Web Service', and click 'Details...'.
  9. In the 'World Wide Web' dialog, ensure the following are checked:
    1. Active Server Pages (Other components on which this relies will be enabled automatically.)
    2. World Wide Web Service (Other components on which this relies will be enabled automatically.)
  10. Click OK to update, and close the 'World Wide Web' dialog.
  11. Click OK to close the 'Internet Information Services (IIS)' dialog.
  12. Click OK to close the 'Application Server' dialog.
  13. In the 'Windows Components Wizard', click 'Next >'.
  14. Click 'Finish' to close the wizard.

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