Configuring the Document Search to search a network location

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Installing the required software

Windows Server 2003

Windows Search 4.0

Windows Server 2008 x32

Windows Search Service (click here for more information)
Windows Desktop Search: Add-in for Files on Microsoft Networks (click here for more information)

Windows Server 2008 x64

Unfortunately Microsoft has (as of June 2012) not yet made it possible for x64 bit machines to reference a network location using Windows Search.

Create a Document Search service account

The account will require the following permissions:
  • Write permission on the Triaster Web Server's "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files" folder.
  • Read permission on the file server document repository location.
  • Read permission on any share that will be used to access the file server document repository location.

Configuring Windows Search to index the network location.

  1. On the Triaster Web Server
    1. Open Start > Control Panel > Indexing Options.
    2. Click on Advanced (click yes to go through and User Account Control prompt)
    3. Go to the "Add UNC location" tab.
    4. Enter the UNC location you would like to search.
    5. Click Add.
    6. Open the "config.xml" file in the site's "Tools/Search" folder in notepad.
    7. Add the line <RemoteLocation>[ComputerName]</RemoteLocation>, where [ComputerName] is equal to the name of the remote machine that is hosting the documents after the </DocumentSearchURL> closing tag.
    8. Save and close the file.
    9. Add impersonation configuration, do one of the following:
      • Add the following section to the "\TriasterServer2011\BrowserToolkit\Search\web.config" configuration section, replacing USERNAME with the impersonation account user name, the DOMAIN with the domain or machine name and PASSWORD with the password for that account:
                    <identity impersonate="true" userName="DOMAIN\USERNAME" password="PASSWORD" />
      • Follow the procedure described here to encrypt the user credentials for impersonation.
  2. On the file server hosting the document repository
    1. Install and configure the index of Windows Search as you would in a normal Triaster Server Configuration. (Click here to see more information)
    2. Ensure the Documents folder location is indexed. (Click here for more information)
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