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Set up and use the Report Exchange Tool

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Last Edited: 14th Feb 2011
The Report Exchange tool is available with Browser Toolkit version 10.1.

This tool is a powerful new feature which allows XSLT reports to simply be downloaded and made available for immediate use without the need for additional setup. It also gives the ability to create and use new reports or to copy and amend existing ones.

Setting up
The following steps must be completed before the tool can be used.
  • Upgrade to version 10.1 of the Triaster product suite.
  • Create a folder within ProcessLibraries called ReportExchange. All reports used by the Report Exchange will reside within this folder. In the first instance, it is recommended that this folder is populated with reports downloaded from the Triaster Report Exchange (see link for details: Additional downloads can be made when new reports become available or existing reports are updated. Custom reports can also be created by the customer (For more information see How to create and modify XSLT reports for Report Exchange).
  • For each site, create a folder called ReportExchange within the Tools folder (for example, C:\Triaster\ProcessLibraries\ProcessLibrary\Sandpit\Tools\ReportExchange). Copy the frames.html file which is attached to this article into this new folder.
  • A new menu item has to be created to link to the tool. Please see the section below for an example of how to do this.
Adding a new menu item to link to Report Exchange tool
  • Open an existing menu page such as Library Administration.vdx.
  • Copy an existing hyperlink to create a new link.
  • Change the target of this new hyperlink to ..\Tools\ReportExchange\frames.html.
  • Save and publish.
  • Repeat for other sites and libraries as needed.
An example of a menu page with the Report Exchange icon added is given below (Library Administration.vdx).
Using the Report Exchange tool
When the menu link is clicked, a list of available reports and information about these reports, is displayed in a table. Clicking the link in the left-hand column will run the report and display the results in a separate browser window. The number of columns in the table and their content is configurable by the report author (For more information see How to create and modify XSLT reports for Report Exchange).
By default, the Report Exchange will contain no reports once set up has been completed. To get started, it is recommended that the full set of Triaster reports is downloaded (see for details).

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