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How the Publication Server works

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The Publication Server is a computer set up to publish the Triaster VDX files.
The current Publication Server is a program called PublicationWrapper running as a service.  The Publication Wrapper service waits for a file to be created in the "PublicationWrapper/Queue" directory with the extension "*.pntask".  When this file is created its name is taken and looked up on a list of potential publication processes contained in the "PublicationWrapper/Config.xml".  If it is found on the list then the service proceeds to run the associated command file (*.cmd).
The associated command file when run sets a series of registry entries to the valid properties for a Menu Page publish and runs the task set described in the "Config Files/publication_tasks.xml" as "Menu Page Publication", this is followed by the registry being modified for the settings used when processing Process Maps and proceeds to run the task set in the "Config Files/publication_tasks.xml" named "Website Publication".  The command file proceeds to pass the log files back from the publication to the PublicationWrapper, which the PublicationWrapper then sends attached to the publish notification e-mail.
It is possible for the publication Queue folder to be located elsewhere other than the PublicationWrapper directory however it will have to remain as a relative path reference and as such must remain on the same drive mapping.
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