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Folder Architecture for Triaster Suite 10.1 onwards

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Last Edited August 14th 2013

Applies to: Triaster Server 10.1 and 11.2


This article shows the standard installation folders and the data folders which they contain.

Triaster Server 13.1 onwards

From 13.3 the mapstore folder architecture has been updated to give a 1 to 1 correlation to the HTML. The new set up looks like this

                    1 Draft Maps
                    Sandpit maps
                    Prelive maps
                    Live maps

This is in preparation for a future release whereby
 Visio files we be automatically transferred from folder to folder on approval of a process map.           

Triaster Server 11.2

Please note: The server roles for a Triaster server 11.2 may vary but the same folder structure will be maintained and the system requirements will remain.  This is to ensure that in the exent of a server failure a seperate server is nearly configured and ready to go to ensure minimum downtime.
Folder Folder description
Triaster "Root" folder.
This folder contains the alert e-mail formatting content.
This folder contains all of the Triaster Server web components.
A folder used by Process Navigator to write temporary log files that are converted to XML.
Log files for the Triaster Server web components.
The Triaster Server publication log files.
Log files for the Triaster Server services.
Log files from the Alerts and Approvals tool.
The Map Store "Root" folder.
A central location to store your Stencil, Template and Properties files.
A Map Store Library folder
The "Multi-Map Root" for the Sandpit Site.
The "Multi-Map Root" for the Prelive and Live Sites.
The folder containing the Multi-Map Roots for all of the Libraries Sites.
This folder contains templates from which the HTML for the Triaster Server menu pages are generated.
The ProcessLibraries root folder, visible through the web as /ProcessLibraries 2011/.
A Web Library folder.
A Web Site folder.
The folder containing HTML that has been archived as a part of the Change History process.
The folder containing the current Site HTML.
Any HTML content that is not touched by Process Navigator during a publication is stored here.
This folder contains XML data that is generated by Process Navigator, which is used by the Triaster Server web components to catalogue, sort and search the data.
A Web Site folder.
A Web Site folder.
This folder contains files and template files necessary for Process Navigator to perform its required operations on the process maps.
This folder contains XSLT files used by Process Navigator to create the various XML data files for the Triaster web components.
This folder contains any data relating to the queueing of Process Navigator related processes.
This folder contains XSLT and XML schema for use in creating the reports in the Report Exchange.
The files relating to the Triaster Services and te configuration of the Triaster Server.
This folder contains the master settngs file for all of the Triaster Server components and content.
This file contains temporary content that is generated during a publication for the use of the publication server.

Triaster Server 10.1

Please note: The server roles are named at the beginning of each section.

 Map Store


 Publication Server


 Web Server

If you use multiple libraries, these will be shown at the same level as Process Library.
Upon completion of any upgrade work and subsequent sign-off, all previous versions of configuration files or old content will be moved to an Archive folder.

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