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Configuring Process Navigator for use on a Publication Server

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Last Edited 28th September 2011


When installing a Triaster Suite there are a few things that are required for using Process Navigator on the server. These steps are as follows.

Configuring Process Navigator

Registering Process Navigator

To register Process Navigator the Triaster Technical Implementer will follow similar steps to the registration of a standard installation, these can be seen HERE, the only difference will be that where the customer will go through the Triaster Activation Server the Technical Implementer will perform a manual activation. This Activation will be to the end of your current renewal contract and after that date your server's publication capability will expire.

Configuring your file paths

Process Navigator on the server will potentially need to import files from XML or Excel files. To do this it is important that the file paths are set up for the Stencil and Template to allow the imported maps to use the correct design. Click HERE to view an article that describes how this is done, although it is worth noting that most settings are set by the publication Config Files, sometimes even the file paths are set with the Config Files should there be multiple Stencils and Templates in use.

Configuring Visio

Before the Publication Server can operate correctly Visio needs to be configured to allow Process Navigator to communicate with it correctly. Click HERE to view how this is done. 

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