Convert a Process Navigator v11 Catalogue to a Process Navigator v10 Catalogue

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Last Edited: December 3rd, 2012

Converting the Catalogue

The Catalogue XML file created by Process Navigator 11 contains extra data used by new features in Triaster Server 11, and is substantially larger than the catalogue that would be produced by Process Navigator 10. If using Triaster Server 10, this extra data is superfluous. It's more efficient for a Triaster Server 10 system to use a catalogue in the earlier format, and it's a simple matter to configure the publications to effect this.
  1. Download the XSL transform that converts a Process Navigator 11 catalogue to one in Process Navigator 10 format.
  2. Extract and save this transform file, 'Copy With No Attributes.xslt', to the Process Navigator catalogue transforms folder, commonly.
    "C:\Program Files\Triaster\Process Navigator\Transforms\Catalogue Transforms"
  3. For each library site, amend the publication_tasks.xml file to create a catalogue file in Process Navigator 10 format. Paths are typically:
    C:\Program Files\Triaster\PublicationServer\Config Files\<Library name>\<Site name>\publication_tasks.xml
    where <Library name> is often 'ProcessLibrary', but there could be other libraries, and <Site name> is usually 'Live', 'Prelive' and 'Sandpit', but again, there could be others.
    In 'publication_tasks.xml', replace this line:

    <Task Type="EXPORTTOXMLCATALOGUE" Target="c:\triaster\processlibraries\processlibrary\live\tools\catalogue.xml" />

    with these three:

    <!-- Transform the PN 11 catalogue to PN 10 format for more efficient use with Triaster Server 10 -->
    <Task Type="EXPORTTOXMLCATALOGUE" Target="c:\triaster\processlibraries\processlibrary\live\tools\cataloguev11.xml" />
    <Task Type="APPLYTRANSFORM" Source="c:\triaster\processlibraries\processlibrary\live\tools\cataloguev11.xml" Transform="C:\Program Files\Triaster\Process Navigator\Transforms\Catalogue Transforms\Copy With No Attributes.xslt" Target="c:\triaster\processlibraries\processlibrary\live\tools\catalogue.xml" />
    Ensuring the paths are appropriate for the installation, library and site.
    Save the file.

Subsequent publications should create these files:

Triaster\ProcessLibraries\<Library name>\<Site name>\Tools\
where catalogue.xml is significantly smaller than cataloguev11.xml.


Benefits of the smaller catalogue include:
  • More likely to avoid System.OutOfMemoryException errors that are usually associated with large catalogue files.
  • More efficient operation of Report Exchange, which applies transforms to the catalogue to create its reports.
  • More efficient creation of data sub-sets in a publication that are used by reports.

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